About me

hello~~ Annyeong~~ ^^

welcome to my private blog..

who’s me?Β  oKEY, I’ll introducing my self fo u all πŸ™‚

My real name is Lazhora Wenatri, better known as zhora or jor or ora

my age? Hmmm~~ I’m 96 Line, still young right? :p

I’m a senior high school’s student,Β and now I’m grade X

I’m a “SHINee World” *my first and my last fandom^^ #ameeen, cause of it. . In this blog I’ll just share all about SHINee and My self^^

ah. . I forgoting something!
My bias is KEY a.k.a KEYBUM a.ka. KIM KI BUM “The almighty fashionable in SHINee” :*

hmm okey. . Maybe its just a short itroduction from me~~ :))

for more friendly with me, maybe you can add my fb’s acc >> Zhora RashkeyShawol, or you can follow my twitter @ZhoraKim96, or you can sending message to me at zhora_key96@yahoo.com

nice to known you~~ bangapseumnida~~^^


5 thoughts on “About me

  1. annyeonghaseyo ^^
    lagi blog walking..
    eka imnida 95 lines..

    istrinya Taemin, pacarnya Kai, tunangannya L, adenya Luhan, selingkuhannya Baekhyun *banyak amat -___-*

    salam knal…
    kunjungi blog ku jga ya ^^

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